About Us


Currently we are in a temporary location, located next to the Oasis in the Plaza.  

Mailing Address

PO Box 366
Ajo, Arizona 85321

Phone Number

We will be getting a local number once we move to our new location.  Until then you can use Matthew's Cell Phone.


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About The Company

In October 2012, my wife Tammy and I moved to Ajo Arizona following an 8 month stay in Johnson City TN. Prior to TN, we lived several years in NC.   

Soon after arriving to Ajo, we fell in love with the community. Our initial plans were to stay in the area for one year, but that year quickly turned into two with no end date in sight.

As our community involvement increased, I noticed a definite need for local technology support and services. Living Water Consulting, was formed in August of 2013. LWC initially began with the local business owner in mind, offering computer and business support where needed. However in October of 2014, Living Water Consulting was registered as a Limited Liability Corporation with the State of Arizona, registering under the Trade Name Ajo Tech Solutions so as to broaden our services to resident and guests of Ajo.

We are a member of the Ajo Chamber of Commerce as well as a member in “Good Standing” with the Arizona Corporation Commission.


About The Employees

Matthew Huff started his first computer business in 1993 while he was living in Anchorage Alaska.  In 1996 Matthew moved to the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.  He worked as a Network & Computer Consultant to over 100 small and large corporations providing network design, server configurations, email system integration, software support, system administrator, etc.  He later went to work for Nortel Networks and Ciena Networks focusing more on telecom, fiber optics, WAN, and carrier class equipment.

Matthew has a number of certifications in Microsoft, Unix operating systems, Cisco LAN/WAN equipment, Network Security, hardware, and software.

Matthew has worked with Unix systems and Windows systems exstensively.  He has been programming in PHP (web application language) and MySQL since 2003 and has written a number of web based applications.